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Plumbing service, such as:
- clearing clogged toilets and sinks
- repairing leaks from plumbing fixtures or pipes
- repairing or replacing leaking or nonfunctional faucets
- repair/replacement of leaking hot water tanks
- water filtration system maintenance (filter changes, water testing)

Handyman service, such as:
- repair, replacement, and fabrication of shelving units
- logistics, such as delivery/relocation of furniture and fixtures
- wall and ceiling repairs, ceiling tile replacement
- painting and staining of walls, furniture, etc.

Electrical service, such as:
- replacing lights
- restoring localized power outages
- repair/replacement of nonfunctional alarms, bells, or buzzers

Appliance service, such as:
- repair or replacement of problematic or nonfunctional appliances, such as dishwashers/sanitizers, refrigerators, etc.

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